Holiday Video Game

Blog PostIt’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve been able to post, so I figured that I would share with you a project that I’ve been working on with my students.  One of the classes that I teach is Animation.  Each quarter, our focus in this class is on a different type of animation.  For example, 1st quarter, we concentrate on traditional frame by frame animation, 2nd quarter- Stop Motion, 3rd quarter- Rotoscoping and then 4th quarter students create a lengthy 5 min film.  Stop Motion animation is currently the focus of this class.  The dilemma for me as the teacher lies in the fact that most stop motion work relies on the students taking their own photos out of class, leaving “down time” for students in class.  So this year, I decided to include a little video game development. We could develop our video games in class and the students could develop their stop motion projects mostly outside of class time.  I realized that this would be a challenge for me, since this is relatively uncharted territory for most students.  It also includes quite a bit of coding with action script in Adobe Flash.  Well, this class has really flourished with the video game design.  The students are enthralled in their activities and are creating some pretty amazing video games.  As you might imagine, I get lots of questions.  Students sign up at the beginning of class and I work my way down the list, helping each student in order.  In the near future, I hope to post a video tutorial explaining the process of creating a basic video game in Adobe Flash.  I modified the basic game that I made as a demonstration to the students to reflect the season.  It’s called “Santa vs Aliens” You can check it by clicking on the screen shot below…

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