Artists and Stereotypes

Artists and Stereotypes I hate stereotypes. I hate being labeled by people who don’t even know me.  I’m quite sure that most of us feel this way, yet probably all of us at one point were victims of stereotyping.
There are stereotypes that follow every profession.  Lawyers, for example have a set of stereotypes that they have to deal with.  There are unfortunately a lot of stereotypes associated with being a visual artist. Some of them are actually accepted and encouraged by many who call themselves visual artists.  This only helps to perpetuate the myths associated with artists and their lifestyles.  Most of the stereotypes most likely stem from a misunderstanding of art and artists in general.  Many people think that in order to be an artist, you must also be weird or crazy.  Or perhaps they think you must dress a certain way or be reclusive.  Some people think that artists must all be of the same political persuasion or have the same belief system.  Or that all artists are rich, or most likely, poor.  The bottom line, however is that the only difference between artists and everyone else is that artists simply just make better art.
Good artists don’t change their lifestyle or belief system to better fit a mold that society carved for them.  Instead, good artists just make better art and then just be themselves.

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