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Welcome to's vault of art instruction videos and tutorials.  All of these art instruction videos are original and are made with artists of all abilities in mind. At the moment, we offer you over 500 art instruction videos.  Many of the videos are free to watch while others require membership. These videos cover a broad spectrum of media including painting, drawing, printmaking, fundamentals and theory, digital art and more. 

The following art videos will help you become a better artist.  Watch and follow along.  Stop the videos as you work, if you like.  Seeing an actual demonstration of the use of a medium or a concept makes a huge difference in your development.  These videos are designed to give you an information-rich demonstration in a quick, easily digestible format.  This list of art instruction videos is added to on a regular basis, so check back often. Links to ALL videos offered at are featured on this page.


Art FundamentalsArt Fundamentals- Learn the fundamentals of art including the Elements of Art, color theory, and the Principles of Art.

All Drawing Videos by Medium...

Charcoal Drawing TutorialsCharcoal Tutorials
Learn how to draw with charcoal, including vine, compressed, pigmented (white), and charcoal pencils through video demonstrations.
Colored Pencil Drawing TutorialsColored Pencil Tutorials
Learn how to draw with colored pencils.  Learn professional colored pencil techniques including layering, mixing colors, and burnishing with these video demonstrations
Pencil Drawing TutorialsGraphite and Pencil Tutorials
Pencil drawing lessons on a variety of subjects.  Learn how to draw with graphite with these video demonstrations.
Ink Drawing TutorialsInk Tutorials
Learn how to draw with ink.  Lessons on hatching and cross hatching, stippling, and ink wash. including mixed media.
Mixed Media TutorialsMixed Media Tutorials
Learn how to mix drawing media, including watercolor and colored pencils, watercolor and pen and ink, and more.
free drawing lessons-etchingPrintmaking Tutorials
Learn the process of etching, monotyping, relief printmaking, scratchboard and more.
How to Draw in a NutshellDrawing Concepts and Ideas
Learn drawing concepts and ideas including composition, drawing exercise, theory, observational skill building and more.

All Painting Videos by Medium...

Acrylic Seascape TutorialAcrylic Painting Tutorials
Learn how to paint with acrylic paint with this collection of acrylic painting tutorials.
Expressive Watercolor PaintingWatercolor Painting Tutorials
Learn how to paint with watercolors with this collection of watercolor tutorials.
Knife Painting with OilsOil Painting Tutorials
Learn how to paint with oils with this collection of oil painting tutorials.
Pastel Drawing TutorialsPastel Painting Tutorials
Learn how to paint with pastels with this collection of pastel tutorials.


All Digital Art Videos by Program...

Adobe Photoshop lessonsAdobe Photoshop Lessons
Free tutorials on Adobe Photoshop in easy to understand videos.  Learn basic and intermediate techniques with these lessons.
Adobe Flash LessonsAdobe Flash Lessons
Free Adobe Flash tutorials in easy to understand videos.  Learn how to create buttons, animations, and interactive presentations with these lessons.
Adobe Illustrator LessonsAdobe Illustrator Lessons
Free Adobe Illustrator tutorials in easy to understand videos.  Learn basic and intermediate techniques


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