Miniature watercolor painting head

Miniature Watercolor Painting


Going Small with Watercolor

Watercolor is a versatile medium for illustration.  It is also great for creating expressive, ethereal marks.  But one of the great characteristics of watercolor is it's ability to be used in small formats.  Watercolor paintings can be incredibly small and still be packed with details and realism. 

So what's so great about creating a small formatted painting in watercolor?  Well, for one thing, it's portable.  You can take a small watercolor pad anywhere.  It's easy to setup with a small watercolor set.  Then all you need is some water which is also easy to find just about anywhere.

I have a unique, portable watercolor set that I have been itching to use for a while.  It's made by Windsor and Newton and it has been designed to be extremely portable.  I also have a Strathmore watercolor pad sitting around, so I decided to put them to use and create a miniature watercolor painting.  I like to play golf and thought that a small painting of a golf course would make a great little painting.

The featured video tutorial demonstrates how to paint a miniature watercolor painting of a golf course.

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