The Secrets to Drawing – Soft Pastels

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Soft Pastels

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"The Secrets to Drawing" is the most complete online drawing video course available for learning how to draw.  Drawing is a skill that is learned and developed and this video course is designed to give you the knowledge that you need to draw better almost immediately! The course includes 28 modules and 26 ebooks.


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Description: An in depth look at the use of soft pastels in the creation of a seascape. Concepts covered include proper use of soft pastels including smudging and layering colors.

Suggested Materials: soft pastels, toned drawing paper, photo reference

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The Secrets to Drawing – Soft Pastels — 14 Comments

  1. Love this tutorial I’m doing. It would be great to have access to the photo as a reference and to have a photo of the color pastels used for it before beginning it. Thanks for all those great lessons!

  2. Soft and Oil pastels are so different, but I really like how you can just blend the colors with your fingers. Nothing feels better than blending out a blue sky or red and yellow sunset with your fingers! I never thought pastels would have been something I enjoyed as I started my art journey, and surprisingly they are something I enjoy the most. These videos are so helpful!

  3. Hi Really love the soft pastels video. However, I really struggle to get the crisp white highlights such as tose on the breaking waves. My whites simply blend. Is it the quality of my soft pastels or am I missing something.

  4. This has been a fantastic lesson like all of them, I started off doing your secrets to drawing course as I love black and white drawings and I still do but it’s good to use different mediums as you grow as an artist 🙂
    I enjoyed the coloured pencil lesson as well as the oil and soft pastel lessons in this course which has now made me want to.progress and do the coloured pencil course and the pastel landscapes course plus the newer one portraiture 🙂
    Thanks Matt for all these wonderful courses and lessons tc

  5. Your welcome Matt seriously you are a fantastic teacher and your videos are brilliant,your passion for art always comes through and it is infectious,I’ve not done these practicals yet as I need to do them at my table and my back is not very good at the moment but I always watch the videos 1St write some notes, I know you do ebooks to go with lessons which are fab by the way but sometimes you say extra things in the videos and me doing notes helps it sink in a bit better because the meds I take each day and my condition it affects my short term memory.
    But you make it so it’s easy to understand and I’m actually better than art more than other things say for example maths etc my mind goes blank and with the way my head is bit art just seems to be my thing now and if it wasn’t for my chronic back and sciatica and Fibromyalgia I would not have found art so it’s a positive thing to come out of a bad thing.
    Plus it helps me take my mind of my constant pain.
    Once again Thank you Matt for all the hard work you do to help us.

  6. Hi – do you need to use a fixative over soft pastels? internet reference yields a variety of answers, ranging from yes (but the colors will alter) to no (but the colors will fade).

    also, do you wear a dust mask when working with soft pastels to prevent inhalation of potential harmful dust particles?

    Thanks again for all your great tutorials.

  7. Hi matt,
    I wonder if you can provide the photo references that you used in the videos for members to download. I really want to try to draw the same picture by following your steps in videos.

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