Pastel Landscape Mastery – Trees and Foliage

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"Pastel Landscape Mastery" is a members only video course on drawing landscapes using pastels. The goal of the course is to provide the student with the most comprehensive approach to drawing landscapes with pastels through easy to understand modules that include over 200 minutes (nearly 4 hours) of HD videos and 148 pages of ebooks.


Description: A look at drawing trees and bushes within the landscape using basic shapes.

Suggested Materials: Toned pastel paper, soft pastels, pastel pencils, NuPastels

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Every demo above is included (and more not pictured.)


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Pastel Landscape Mastery – Trees and Foliage — 8 Comments

    • Hi Chris,

      It depends. Once a strong base of color is in place, some of the applications are allowed to “sit” without any blending. If colors should have a transition or gradation, then blending is required. You can choose to blend as you apply each color or wait until you have colors in place before blending. It’s up to you. The results will be similar either way.

  1. Really wonderful tutorial. The technique applications were straightforward, particularly about the water reflections & the gnarly tree in the foreground. It was amazing to see the distant trees take shape with the applications of dark blue & yellow. I am slowly getting the hang of pastels. Thank you!

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