25 Days to Better Drawings – Day One – Mindset and Materials — 9 Comments

  1. Day one was a disaster. I tried and tried to use photo reference with no success. Folds would not work for me and the cap was impossible even when I tried to just look for basic shape.

  2. I tried the reference picture. I am in general quite unsatusfied with what I am drawing. The basic shapes worked out well but the highlights and shadows were super difficult. At least my drawing is recognizable as tube. Hope to get better and see results after 25 days

  3. Thanks for providing an awesome reference photo. It was more challenging than I expected. I set a timer for just over an hour so that I can see if my ability and speed increase by the end of the course. I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist. I think I rework sections more than necessary. The half of the tube I finished looks somewhat crinkled. 🙂
    Thanks for all the courses. I have learned so much.

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