Ballpoint pen portrait practice


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Ballpoint pen portrait practice
« on: November 27, 2017, 04:46:51 AM »
I thought someone might find this useful or helpful.  I printed a few sheets of this same drawing (in the bottom right corner) so I could practice skin tones, hair color, etc...

Interesting point is that there is no yellow ballpoint pens (or at least very very rare).  There are yellow gel pens, but not the same thing as a ballpoint.  With no yellow, skin tones, blond hair, and other things that you would normally use yellow for can be tricky.

I was able to make the blond by mixing a surprisingly bright orange, with a surprisingly bright green.

Any way it works, this is a good way to practice skin tones and developing the form of the face.  I can email you a copy of the sheet if you are interested.