Use Line To Make Your Drawings More Interesting

Use Line Drawings More InterestingDo you know how to use line effectively as an artist?  Your quick response to this question may be, “Of course, I do!”  Knowing how to use line to it’s fullest potential is important for any artist.  Line is one of the most basic elements of art.  But line can be used in conjunction with other elements such as form and the principle variety to dynamically enhance drawings and paintings.  Line quality is also called line weight, and refers to the thickness or thinness of a line.   When line quality is used in a drawing, the object can have the illusion of form without any value.  Deciding where to make the line thicker can be a little tricky.  Making the line thicker where the object gets thicker can produce this illusion.   I also like to make the line a little thicker close to where a cast shadow may be under the object.  By using line quality, you are also naturally creating variety in your artwork.

Many people understand the concept of cross contour lines, yet many people don’t actually know how to use them to make their artwork better.  Cross contour lines give us information about the form of the object.  They also help us make decisions about the direction that we should make our brush strokes when painting.  Knowing how to use cross contour lines can lead to more successful artwork.    To learn more about line quality, cross contour lines, and to see the video art lesson click here-> Line Quality Cross Contour Lines

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