Teach Art History with The Google Art Project

Blog PostWhen discussing art history with students, it is sometimes difficult to help students truly appreciate works of art throughout history.  A work of art shown in reproduction often loses many of the nuances that make it great.  It is hard to capture brushstrokes, subtle changes in color and value, and other aspects of the work that just can’t be appreciated in a reproduction.  If only there was a program that could nearly duplicate a live visit to a museum.  Well, thanks the Google, there is!  It’s called to Google Art Project.  The Google Art Project can be defined in one word- “Awesome!”  It allows us to virtually visit many of the museums and collections that house some of the most influential and beautiful artworks produced throughout history.  Not only that, but the website allows us to zoom in incredibly close to these works of art and see the aspects that make them great.  No brush stroke is invisible.  As you can imagine, this is a remarkable teaching tool.  Here is a link to the site-The Google Art Project.

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