So What the Heck is This Thing?

Blog PostSo recently I’ve noticed these codes around.  Maybe you have too. They are like a type of barcode, yet they are square.  So these things are called QR Codes and they are huge in Asia.  They are beginning to catch on here as well.  They allow a person to scan the code with a mobile device using an app, and either a link to a website url or a message appears.  It seems like a really cool concept.  It’s actually a great way to advertise your art.  You can easily create your own QR Code at and print out copies to handout to people with a link to your website portfolio.  Or you create a phrase or put your contact info into a QR Code.  These little things will be catching on quickly so why not be ahead of the game now.  Anyways, I thought it was cool, so I made a QR Code that links to the mobile version of  Here it is…

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