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Pen and Ink TechniquesPen and ink drawing has been around for quite a while.  Drawing in this manner can sometimes mimic some of the older techniques of printmaking like engraving and relief printing.  This lesson, just posted on explores the materials, surfaces, and techniques of pen and ink drawing. Practicing with pen and ink techniques actually will help you become better at drawing and painting with other media as well.  The directional lines that you make with the pens can mimic the strokes that you may make with a paintbrush, pastel, or colored pencil.  In fact, throughout history, many artists used pen and ink drawings for preliminary sketches and finished drawings.

I remember when I first really got into to drawing.  My parents bought me a set of Kor-i-noor Rapidograph pens.  They were ridiculously expensive at the time, but  I absolutely loved them.  I fell in love with pen and ink drawing immediately.  I even have one of the drawings I did with those pens many years ago framed in my house.  This is was the time I really began to practice drawing all the time. I would lose myself in the lines.

To see the full lesson with a video demonstration click here->Pen and Ink Drawing Techniques

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