Micrography- How to Create an Image Entirely Out of Text

Micrography- Text Drawing- AbeUsing text to create imagery is called Micrography.  It is an ancient technique that originated in the Middle East.  A variety of media can be used to create Micrography. Most commonly drawing media such as pen and ink or graphite is used.  Adjustments in the application of value create the image through the text.  By adjusting the line quality,the illusion of value changes.

Micrography is usually a painstakingly long process, but it can be done quickly in Adobe Photoshop.  First, you will need to bring in the image that you want to use into Photoshop.  I have found that portraits work particularly well. Duplicate the image layer.  Next go to “image”->”adjustments”->”threshold”.  You can slide the adjustment bar to alter the threshold effect. Next, create a text layer and cover the entire document with a small font text in black . Be sure to cover the entire document.  Make the text editable by  going to “layer”->”rasterize”->”type”.  Go to the threshold layer.  Select the white areas with the magic wand tool.  (Be sure that the contiguous box is unchecked) Go to the black text layer and select the eraser from your tools.  Erase everything in the document that is selected. Don’t worry as only the black text in the white areas will be erased.

To see the rest of this lesson and to see the video of this lesson… click here-> Micrography-Text Drawing

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