Learn How to Lift Watercolor

How to lift watercolorWatercolor is a versatile medium.  Contrary to some beliefs, watercolor is actually a forgiving medium as well.  There are several techniques that artists can use to remove watercolor paint from the surface of a painting.  When watercolor paint is removed from the surface, it is called lifting.  Essentially, lifting watercolor is a form of erasing the watercolor  from the surface.  One technique of lifting watercolor is accomplished by adding water to the surface to reactivate the paint.  As the paint becomes reactivated, it can be removed by blotting the surface with a paper towel.  Each application of water, applied with a brush, allows more and more paint to be removed.  The result is a lighter value of the color that is being removed.  This technique becomes a bit more interesting when bleach comes into play.  To see the full lesson and to see how bleach can play a role in lifting watercolor paint click here-> How to Lift Watercolor

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