Improve Your Drawing Skills through Figure Drawing

Figure DrawingSo many people get frustrated when it comes to drawing the human figure.  Sure, it is one of the most difficult subjects that can be drawn.  But this fact should never be a reason to get discouraged.  It takes years of practice to really master figure drawing.  That’s why most traditional college art programs require so much figure drawing in their curricula.  Figure drawing not only helps you draw the figure itself, but it also increases your overall drawing skills.  You must pay attention to the position the figure is in, the light , the shadows, the form, and proportion.  In other words, you must look at the subject.  And looking is one of the most important factors in drawing well.  Remember, drawing is at least 50% observation.  So by practicing figure drawing, you get better at drawing anything.

Drawing the figure quickly is a skill known as “gesture drawing”.  Gesture drawings are drawings of the figure that are meant to capture the proportions and general information about the figure.  They are done relatively quickly and not much attention is given to the detail of the subject.  Practicing gesture drawing can really improve your speed in drawing as well as your observation skills.  Practice gesture drawing whenever you get a chance-sitting on a park bench, at the mall, watching a sporting event, or from images in magazines.  You will get better at figure drawing and drawing in general.

To learn more about gesture drawing and to see a video demonstration click here-> Gesture Drawing

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