How to Use Selective Color in Adobe Photoshop

Selective Color in PhotoshopUsing selective color to enhance a photograph artistically is a popular Photoshop technique.  There are a variety of ways that this can be achieved.  I believe that the easiest way is using a layer mask to choose which areas are to be colored.  This is how it works.  First select the image that you would like to enhance using selective color.  Pick an image that has good contrasting colors.  Think about color theory when are choosing your image.  You will be highlighting the colors, so color theory should be very important. Open your image in Photoshop and duplicate your background layer.  Go to “Image”->”Adjustments”->”Desaturate” to take the color out of your duplicate layer.  Next, choose to “add layer mask” from your layer palette. Then you will use a soft brush with the opacity lowered a bit to paint black in the areas that you want colored. Remember, you are on a layer mask, so you aren’t really painting black.  Instead, you are removing the mask to reveal the color underneath on your original background layer.  If you make a mistake, simply paint with white to desaturate the area again.

To see the video demonstration of this Photohop lesson click here-> Selective Color in Photoshop

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