How to Create an Acrylic Transfer

Acrylic TransferCreating an acrylic transfer is an easy process that can result in amazing artistic results. Creating an acrylic transfer can allow an artist a variety of ways to present an idea in an artistic way. Any image that can be photocopied will work and any surface that will accept acrylic paint will accept an acrylic transfer.

Some supplies are needed in order to create an acrylic transfer. First, you need a surface that will accept acrylic paint to work on.  Watercolor paper, canvas, wood, or illustration board are acceptable surfaces. You will also need acrylic gesso, brushes, acrylic gel medium, a photocopied image, and acrylic paint.

You begin by covering the surface with gesso and let it dry. You can then add some interest to the surface by applying color through acrylic paint or texture with tissue paper.  Allow any paint or glue to dry completely.  Next, you will need to cut or tear your photocopied image to the size of the desired transfer…

To see the rest of this lesson and to see the video demonstration click here-> Acrylic Transfer Demo

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