How to Create a Growing Animation in Adobe Flash CS4

How to Create a Growing Animation in FlashCreating a growing animation in Adobe Flash CS4 is easier than you think.  I’m not talking about just using a tween.  If you create a masking layer, you can make your animation grow like a real plant would-from the ground up and then out.  First, you will need to either create a vector image in Adobe Illustrator CS4 or draw your image in Adobe Flash CS4.  If you create the image in Illustrator, import it into your Flash library and then pull it onto your stage.  If you draw it in Flash then it is already on your stage.  Name this layer, “mask”.  Create a new layer.  Name the new layer, “artwork”, as this layer will hold the actual marks.  Pull the “mask” layer to the top of the layer order so that the “artwork” layer is directly below it.  Now right click on the “mask” layer and select the word “mask” from the menu.  Unlock both of the layers to see the art.  Click on the outline box on the “mask” layer.  Go to the “artwork” layer and make a mark where you want your animation to begin.  Hit the “F6” key to go to the next frame and draw a little more. It’s okay if your marks go beyond the mask.  These marks won’t be seen in the final animation.  Continue drawing within the masking lines on the “artwork” layer and hitting the “F6” key until the entire mask is filled.  Export your animation and enjoy the show.

To see the video demonstration of  this lesson click here-> Create a Growing Animation in Flash

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