Eraser Drawing- Highlight Rendering

Eraser Drawing- Highlight RenderingIt is possible and even advisable to use an eraser when you draw.  In fact, it is possible to create a drawing almost entirely from erasing.  I refer to this type of art-making as “rendering”.  Although the word rendering can actually refer to any type of drawing.  In this free art lesson, I demonstrate how to create a rendering or an eraser drawing using vine charcoal, a kneaded eraser, and a tool called an erasil.  You can pick up all of these supplies at your local art store.  Erasils may be harder to find.  An erasil is shaped like a pencil and even sharpens like a pencil, but the material inside of the wooden shaft is eraser, not graphite.  This tool is great for getting details with an eraser.

In this demonstration, I cover the entire surface of the paper with charcoal first.  Then I proceed to erase the highlights and tints away with the erasers.  Lastly, I add darker values with the charcoal to increase the range of value in the drawing.

To see the video drawing lesson click here-> Eraser Drawing

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