Drawing Pencil Product Review – General’s Layout Pencil

I use a lot of different art products here on TheVirtualInstructor.com. I also I have a lot of people comment on my YouTube videos about those products. Most people want to know what art supplies I recommend and what specific products I am using the video tutorials. So, I have decided to start posting product reviews on some of the products that I use.

This review is on one of my favorite products for drawing. It is the General’s Layout pencil, and I have to say that is my favorite pencil for creating graphite drawings. Perhaps its greatest feature is its versatility, allowing for a variety of marks while keeping the tip of the pencil relatively sharp.

Let’s take a quick look at it..

1. Round, shiny, black, and “easy to grip” casing
2. Equivalent to 3B to 4B graphite encased in hardwood
3. Easy to sharpen in a standard pencil sharpener
4. Versatile – able to make a variety of marks without using lots of different pencils
5. Keeps a sharp point longer than other pencils
6. Price – very inexpensive!

1. No eraser
2. Will smudge under the palm of your hand if not careful

I use this pencil for a variety of subjects drawn in graphite. It’s my favorite pencil to use because it doesn’t break in a pencil sharpener like a lot of other graphite pencils. I can also easily create a range of value without using a bunch of other pencils. The General’s Layout pencil allows me to focus only on the subject matter that I am drawing without worrying about sharpening every couple of minutes or reaching for other grades of graphite pencils. I would highly recommend this pencil to anyone looking to create professional looking graphite drawings.

Here’s a look at the pencil in action…

Here’s where you can pick one up…

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