Drawing Basics- Learn How to Draw Basic Forms

Basic Drawing Techniques- Learn How to Draw Basic FormsBasic shapes make up every object that we as artists draw.  Learning to see the basic shapes that exist in everyday objects is a skill that is learned and developed through practice.  By learning how to find the objects that make up objects, we are learning how to see as an artist.  We we learn how to see, we learn how to draw.  Drawing, after all, is about seeing and understanding what we see.  We can take basic shapes a step further by learning how to transform shapes into forms.  In drawing, we do this by adding value to create shadow.  Shadow informs us of the light source and the form of the object.  This lesson explores the process of drawing the basic forms that complex objects are made of.  When we learn how to draw the simple forms, we can draw any complex form that we desire.  To see the full lesson including the video demonstration click here-> Transforming Shapes into Forms

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