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Each year my animation students create their own video games using Adobe Flash.  This assignment is coming up soon and each year I look for new ways to improve the assignment.  I also look for new tips and ways that I can improve my own coding skills.  My students create the games by designing the characters from scratch and writing the code to make the game work.  It can be a frustrating process, because one “.” in the wrong space in the coding can make the game not work properly.  So I have to be on my game as well as the teacher.  In my search for new codes and effects to share with the students I came across a really cool site.  This site allows you to create Flash video games online for free.  You have your choice from 4 different types of games, including a platform type game.  You can create these  games simply by clicking and dragging objects.  You are, of course limited a bit to using only what the website provides, but they have many, many options. You can create different levels and just about anything a good video game would have.  You can even save the video game and get the code to paste the game into a website.  You do have to register before you make the game which requires you to input a valid email address.  Here’s a game that I created in a matter of moments.  It’s only 1 level, but if I wanted to add more, it would be pretty easy.  I think that this site is great for students who want to play around with video game design.  As for my students, we’ll stick with the coding and learn the basics, so that they can create these types of websites someday.  So, the name of the website is  Visit it and have some fun creating.

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