Art and Technology

Art and technology have always danced together.  Throughout history, art has reflected the technology of the period.  From the invention of oil paint, to the camera obscura used by Vermeer, to devices used by modern artists (think Photoshop), technology has played a major role in the creation of Art.  There is a new breed of artists that are embracing cutting edge technologies and are using these methodologies to push the limits of art.  These creative thinkers are trailblazing a new and exciting direction in the world of art, taking advantage of the science of the day. These new, unique techniques must be embraced because they may well be the direction of the next artistic movement in history.

It may be argued that artists are those that truly open others’ eyes.  They allow others to see and experience things in new ways.  Technology in itself allows us to experience in new ways.  In the hands of an artist, this experience is enhanced.  In the hands of artist Aaron Koblin, this experience is multiplied beyond enhancement.

Aaron Koblin is a thinker- a creative thinker-a true artist.  His work opens others’ eyes.  Aaron uses technologies in different ways to create collective experiences.  With traditional art, there is an artifact that the artist creates.  The viewer interacts in some way with the artifact, but doesn’t usually create the artifact itself.  This is the job of the artist, after all.

Koblin’s work doesn’t work this way.  And that is what makes it so exciting.

Instead, Koblin allows the viewer to actually create the artifact.  The collaboration that manifests in the process is the art.  And the collaboration only happens because of the technology. In the following video recorded in February 2011, Koblin explains a few of his projects…

This is truly an exciting time to be an artist.  We exist at a point in time, when technology can help us communicate artistically in new ways.

To learn more about Aaron Koblin and his projects, visit his website>Aaron Koblin

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