Andy Warhol’s Grave

Andy Warhol, the iconic designer turned famous American Pop Artist is modestly buried just outside of Pittsburg.

His fans are well aware of where he lies and have made his final resting place a work of art of their own. People travel incredible distances just to visit his grave and leave mementos that are reflective of the work he produced when he was alive. Coke bottles and Campbell’s soup cans are just a few of the items that are left.

Some come not to offer Andy a memento, but a song instead, or just some words.

Artist, Madelyn Roehrig is documenting this phenomenon. She created a video from still images that she took of the grave during a two year period from 2009 to 2011.

To see the video, and for more on this story, visit In Memory, Soup Cans And Coke Bottles

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