All You Need to Know About Watercolor Paper

LogoWhen creating a watercolor painting, one must make a critical decision even before the painting is started.  That decision is what paper to use.  Many people believe that watercolor paper is well, watercolor paper.  This, however, just isn’t the case.  There are many types and forms of watercolor paper.  Not to mention many different manufacturers of watercolor papers.  Knowing which paper to use for your project is very important.  Choose the wrong paper and you may regret it in the middle of your painting.  So how do we choose the right paper and steer clear of the wrong paper?  Understanding how the paper will affect your painting will help you decide.  There are generally three different types of watercolor papers.  Do you know what they are?  To learn more about watercolor papers and their affects on watercolor paintings check out this free art lesson-> Watercolor Papers

Another important skill for watercolorists to know is how to stretch watercolor papers.  Watercolor paper is sturdier and can accept the paint better when it is stretched.  It is fairly easy to stretch watercolor paper, but it does take some patience when waiting for it to dry.  Check out the video below on stretching watercolor papers.

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