Add “Ink” to Drawings with Adobe Illustrator

Ink with Blob BrushUsing the blob brush tool in Adobe Illustrator to ink digital drawings will save you loads of time compared to the more traditional way of inking with the pen tool. Using the pen tool does give you incredible control over the stroke applied, however, it does require that you to take the extra step of adding the stroke to the line. Not to mention all of the frustration that the pen tool can cause for newbies to Adobe Illustrator. Using the blob brush tool also allows for users to ink in a more traditional manner. This is especially true if you are able to draw with a graphics tablet. When a graphics tablet is used in conjunction with the blob brush tool, the user is able to take full advantage of it’s capabilities by applying the pressure option. When this option is implemented, the stroke changes according to the pressure applied to the surface of the tablet. This results in a stroke that rivals the marks that are possible with the pen tool, just in half the time. To see the full lesson as well as a video demonstration of this tool click here->How to Ink with the Blob Brush Tool

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